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Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, IL) -- Literary Society

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Albatross, 1973-1977

Identifier: 11-2/1

The Albatross is an undergraduate literary magazine published by the IWU Student Senate. It is independent of the University and the IWU English Department.

Dates: 1973-1977

Black Book, 1957 - 1971

Identifier: A 8-1/7/13

The Black Book is a literary magazine published under the sponsorship of the English department of Illinois Wesleyan University.

Dates: 1957 - 1971

Black Bookman, 1928

Identifier: 11-2/7

The Black Bookman is a registered student organization and is responsible for this content.

Dates: 1928

Green Inklings, 1936 - 1942

Identifier: 11-2/15

"Many delightful bits of writing, contributed by members of the Freshman class, stimulated in their readers a desire for a collection of these promising gems, that they might as a group be studied and enjoyed. "Green Inklings" has been a result of the combined efforts of the Freshman class.

Dates: 1936 - 1942

Iris, 1971 - 1982

Identifier: 11-2/16

"The main criterion for the selection of articles and poems has been 'a personal and sensitive recording of emotion, observation, reflection, thought, or confrontation." (Dedication, v.1). The Iris was founded on November 4, 1971, to commemorate the 200th birthday anniversary of James Montgomery (1771-1854), the British journalist and poet who edited "The Sheffield Irish" for 31 years, and to perpetuate the memory of his humanitarian principles.

Dates: 1971 - 1982

Rhapsodies in Green, 1939

Identifier: 11-2/21

"We, the Freshman, class of 1942, are proud to announce the publication of "Rhapsodies in Green", successor to the "Green Inklings," a similar magazine which was issued in 1936, 1937, and 1938 at Illinois Wesleyan." (Preface)

Dates: 1939

Scroll, 1945 - 1946

Identifier: 11-2/22

The literary division of the Orpheus Guild is responsible for the content in this publication.

Dates: 1945 - 1946

Student publications completed for coursework, 1935-1936, 1939, 2003

Identifier: A 8-1/7/11
Abstract These publications were created for specific course requirements. The collection contains the following titles: E.T.A.; Experimental Fiction; Mephistophles; Orb; Silhouette; We, The Freshman; and Theunepfisch.Silhouette: "The selections you have read were contributed by members of Miss Flint's freshman English classes at Illinois Wesleyan University." (Final page)We, The Freshman is a "magazine of student opinion" by the "class in English composition and...
Dates: 1935-1936, 1939, 2003

Student publications completed for coursework, 2005

Identifier: A 8-1/26/3

"The Whisper and the Roar is the result of a project for Women's Studies 101. It is our hope that this small publication brings new light to women's issues and helpful factual information to all readers." (Spring 2005)

Dates: 2005

Unicorns, 1981 - 1986

Identifier: 11-2/28

Unicorns is a literary magazine. "Unicorns is produced by the Illinois Wesleyan Culture Committee, part of Illinois Wesleyan's Cultural and Educational Life Commission of Illinois Wesleyan's Student Senate." (Credits, 1982 edition)

Dates: 1981 - 1986